“Destilacija” seeks to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities, products and processes. In particular, our goal is to reduce the emission of substances into the air (air pollution), to reduce the use of water and the discharge of wastewater into watercourses, by applying the most economically expedient and best technologies and by adopting the principle of pollution prevention.


“Destilacija” is committed to complying with all legal and industry codes of conduct relating to our environmental impact, and where there are no regulations, we strive to establish international standards that are consistent with our overall goal of improving corporate environmental performance.


The joint stock company “HI Destilacija Teslić” is a symbol of long-term and successful cooperation between man and nature. We have been successfully cooperating with nature, respect and preservation of the environment for 120 years. Our products are of completely natural origin.


The basic raw material of our products is wood. We procure wood responsibly, taking care not to contribute to the increasingly common practice of irresponsible deforestation. For this reason, we also have an FSC certificate which guarantees that our wood encourages forests that are managed in a sustainable way and that are continuously renewed.


Investing in horizontal solid waste incinerators has made it possible to reuse all waste and sawdust from the production process as energy fuel, and to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum. We meet all world environmental standards, we regularly improve technological processes, but also working conditions. By managing all types of waste during the production process, we preserve nature and raise the level of product quality, as well as the lives of consumers and the community.