Director’s foreword

Born on the 1st December 1978 in Teslić. He finished elementary school in Teslić, and high school and the Faculty of Economics, majoring in financial management in Banja Luka. He has passed the exam for a certified accountant and has a license He has been working in HI “Destilacija” since 2006 and has been the Deputy Head of the Economic and Accounting Sector and since 2008 he has been the Head of the Economic and Accounting Sector. Since 2011, He has been working as the Chief Financial Officer since 2011 and in 2017 he became the President of the Management Board of the Doboj Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Zoran Škrebić has also been a member of the Management Board of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska since the same year. From the 1st March 2019 he is the General Director of HI “Destilacija” a.d. Teslić.


Company HI “Destilacija” Teslić was founded at the end of the 19th century (1896), with the basic products of charcoal and acetic acid. During all these years “Destilacija” constantly strives to improve the quality of its products.


Guided by the wise saying – “If you don’t think about the future, you can’t even have it!”, the permanent goal has always been the development of new products, primarily based on basic ones, which resulted in the production of charcoal dust briquettes, flavoured, alcoholic, wine and apple vinegar, as well as other products.


HI “Destilacija” Teslić succeeded in her goals and that has been proven numerous times by receiving various recognitions for her work and quality, from the municipal, republic to international level. HI “Destilacija” AD Teslić is fully technologically and infrastructurally well-rounded, staffed and organizationally provided, with all the necessary services for the operation of the company.


In addition, “Destilacija” sees great importance in improving the technological process in terms of improving working conditions and protection of the working and living environment, which is best seen by investing in the construction of new, modern horizontal furnaces for dry distillation of wood.


The strategic goal of HI “Destilacija” AD Teslić is to expand existing production, develop new products and technologies, taking into account the environment and compliance with international standards and regulations, all with the aim of greater market satisfaction.

Zoran Škrebić